Sunday, 31 August 2008

Goodbye trusty old craft area......

Well, it's goodbye to the old and hello to the new -
I thought I'd post an old pic of my craft space for posterity :)

And hello new crafty space......

....We got the unit built and I've put a load of stuff on it - just gotta put some shelves up and buy the smaller unit now - and get my legs!! I've managed to dump about 90% of the rest of my stuff on the floor in here so, hopefully, my old work space can be dismantled over the next week and we can start sorting out that end of the bedroom :)

and this is the stuff that has been lovingly dumped on the floor! See my poor table top sat at the back still wrapped in it's cardboard :( Ikea better get my legs in soon!!

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Long time no blog....

....Well, it's been ages since I last posted, loads of stuff has been going on here so I've not had too much free time lately!!

My step-son (Alistair) and his girlfriend (Mel) are expecting a baby boy at the end of October so we have been moving things around a bit. The room that acted as craft room/spare bedroom/general dumping ground is being used for Alistair so he can have a cot and other baby stuff in there and the smallest bedroom (which used to be Alistair's) has been decorated this weekend and is becoming my dedicated craft room - it's not a big room but at long last I won't have to share a room with everyone elses rubbish!!

We went to Ikea to pick up a unit and desk - minus the trestle legs - but that's a whole other story; briefly they said they were in stock but only at the collection centre so we could pick them up from there when we went to collect the unit - when we got there they didn't have any and said that the main store staff should have asked for a physical stock check!!! The general outcome being that when they come back in stock we are having a couple delivered for free (the usual delivery would have been £45!!!!!) so for the time being I have a desk top but no legs to put it on :S

Of course, I HAD to get some other bits and bobs while I was there too.........I did..........didn't I???

I'll take a couple of pics as I make progress in the room and post them on here - that will give me a bit of incentive to get it sorted ASAP!!