Sunday, 19 July 2009

Some more of the girls

Hi all

Not been about too much lateley with work and such like but managed a couple of cards from the images I coloured a couple of weeks ago - still got a Miss Anya sitting half finished coz I can't decide what embellishments to use!! On the first card I decided to do a red balloon as I think, with the rest of the card being quite dark colours, it really stands out - kinda like those photos of the front of a small house in black & white or faded colours with a bright red or bright blue front door, well, that was my thinking behind it anyway, I'm not sure if anyone else would agree with me lol :)
As for the 'fairy' one I just think she is really cute and can see her being used quite a lot. One of these days I'll try using distress ink to colour these grls in, I find I always end up using markers though as they really seem to suit the intensity of colour you can get.
Well, enough from me....have a good Sunday,
Vikki xxx

Monday, 6 July 2009


I got back from work today and my new girls had arrived....YAY!!! Here's the first card I've made with them - just got a glossy balloon and some glittery wings to dry on a couple of others before I make cards with them. The little lucite flower at the bottom was picked up along with a load of others in some really pretty colours from The Bead Trail at Blakemere Craft Centre in Cheshire when we nipped out for a couple of hours yesterday. I took my friend with me who has just got into jewellery making so she could have a look - and buy some stash of course!!

Thursday, 2 July 2009

The Girls have finally arrived!!!!

Just ordered Gorjuss Girls set 3 from Funky Kits.......can't wait for them to get here now!!! And I won £95 in work the other day so the stamps haven't really cost me anything.....BONUS!!!!

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Nothing of interest....just a moan

It's too flippin' hot!!!!!!!! Does anybody else hate this weather?? I've got loads of ideas for cards but it's too hot to do ANYTHING, let alone sit in my little heat trap of a craft room and make cards - but you can bet your bottom dollar that as soon as it cools off a bit my mind will be blank!!! I think they should cancel work for the next few months - on full pay - and let me sit at home in a cold bath for the whole summer and just get out every few hours to make a card!!

And my OH wants to move to Spain - methinks he can dream on!!!!

Well, I'm off for a cold shower now before I melt :(

Catch you soon xxx

Sunday, 28 June 2009

New printer

Got a fabby present off my OH today - he treated himself to a new laptop (the main pc has gone t*ts up and will probably need a new hard drive) and while he was at Currys he bought me a new printer/scanner/copier and I've just decided I LOVE it. Printed out great on paper then I tried the test of all test for a card maker - does it print on card??? Well, yep, it does (and borderless too) and if you want to know what my new baby is it's the Canon Pixma MP540.

The card I printed onto is probably around 200gsm, it went through no problem, I might be brave at some point in the near future and try a heavier weight card - don't want to push my luck too far yet but he did get the Whatever Happens insurance on it so if I do wreck it then at least it's covered for the next 3 years no matter how it gets broken - he knows me too well I think!!!!!

It's too hot..... sit in my little craft room and make cards. I'm definitely not a hot weather person, I've been sat here melting trying to make a few cards - got a couple done but couldn't spend the time I wanted on them as the sun shines straight into my craft room of an afternoon and the room stays hot for AGES so kept on having to nip downstairs to cool down! On the plus side - I finally used my ATB paper tagger (to attach the 'hello' tag) - it's only been in it's orignal, unopened, packaging for about 2 years!!! Oh well, better late than never eh?!

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Day out

My friend, Heidi, and I went to Chester for the day on Thursday and I got loads of goodies :)

Various bits from Andycrafts in Chester Market

Some pastel mirri card and some gorgeous dark green and dark coppery red glitter card - the pic doesn't do it justice at all!!

Close up of some really pretty ribbon I just couldn't resist from a haberdashery on the market (can't remember the name now but they had loads of ribbons!)

Some gorgeous lace with ribbon threaded through (from the same stall as the ribbon above) - a bargain at 20p per meter so I bought 10 meters which should keep me going for a while!

My fave American sweets from 'Sweets from Heaven' - cost me a bloody fortune!!!!

I couldn't resist treating my teddies Reuben and Layla when I went to the Build-a-Bear Workshop - Reuben got the Harley Davidson jacket, red bandana (round his neck at the mo) and some new Timberland style boots and Layla got her pink boots, some new sunglasses and her Hello Kitty bag.

I also treated myself to some new perfume, a Hello Kitty crystal necklace and some Hello Kitty earrings - I really am such a child at times!!!

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

A couple more Gorjuss Girls

I'm finding it impossible to resist these stamps at the moment!!

Monday, 15 June 2009

Yet another card

Just finished this one - you'll be sick of me soon!!!!

A few more cards

I feel like I've been on a bit of a roll recently!

I know, I know!!!

Yes, I AM a VERY NAUGHTY blogger!!!!!!!

It doesn't seem like it was so long since I was last on here and I was really shocked when I realised how long it's been :-0

To be honest though, I've been doing a different job since the end of January (on secondment to another dept) and the hours are a lot longer - not through choice but there aren't enough hours in the day to get all the work done so I end up staying late and am totally shattered by the time I get home :(

Also, I haven't really made many cards since Christmas so there's been nothing to post......sorry!! But I got some Gorjuss Girls and now, with a much needed week off work, my missing mojo seems to be returning.....yippee!!!!!!!!!!! Soooooo, without further ado, it's good to be back and here are some of the cards I've made over the last week or so :)