Wednesday, 24 September 2008

I need my wrists slapping!!

We got our bonus from work today so I thought I'd have a bit of a splurge.......and I saved nearly £20 on a few of my orders by using discount codes - a couple of which came from the booklet that came with Crafts Beautiful magazine (usually I always forget about discount codes that I've seen in mags and on forums) - yay me!!!

As usual, I've spent FAR too much (and still a QVC craft day to go) but can't wait for all my lovely packages to come through the post - I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas :) I was practical too - I ordered 10 stackable paper trays from Storage4Crafts - and saved 10% by using a code!!! And I've ordered some bits for the blog candy so as soon as it arrives I'll get a pic and post the details :)

I'm sure I'll have forgotten to order something though as I've been on about 10 sites looking for stuff :S

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Cazzy said...

I do the same, I placed an order and forgot the code so I will probably have to order something else now!

Cazzy x