Friday, 26 September 2008

Never trust the colour on the box!! I decided to dye may hair darker for the autumn/winter and chose a nice shade of deep mahogany - or so I thought. Well, it's probably my own fault coz my hair was slightly lighter than the before ones on the 'colour results' pics on the back but, suffice to say, I'm now thinking of applying officailly to become a Ribena berry :)

I'm off out later and if my friends keep on looking at me strangely I think I'll be going to Boots on Saturday to buy a nice, safe, chocolate brown!!! Mmmmmm - talking of back in a bit - just going to raid my Thorntons bag :)


Jane said...

No come on share the Thorntons!!

Its always the way with hair dye. I will take your advice though as I definately need to cover some grey! lol


Donna said...

Oh no, poor you, you aren't the first and you won't be the last, i've had my fair share of hair dying mishaps, just pretend that you intended it to be that colour as you wanted to stand out from all the other boring heads lol Failing that tell them that ribena have actually sponsered you and your making a fortune lol. Donna x