Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Why is it???

Making a card this afternoon I went through my various ink pads - single colour pads, three colour pads, multi colour pads, full size ones, mini ones, cats eyes, pigment, dye....everything - looking for a particular shade of blue and out of over 150 colours of ink did I have the one colour I wanted???? NO!!!!!
I had the right colour in an embossing powder and a marker pen but not in a flipping ink pad! I'm off to buy a Versacolor seafoam coloured ink pad this weekend and, once I've got it, what's the betting that I'll never use it?!?!


Jane said...

I know what you mean! lol


Donna said...

you have how many inks? oh my goodness, i'll have to show your blog to my o/h he just doesn't understand the need us crafters have for supplies. Donna x