Wednesday, 19 November 2008

The freebie I got the other week!!

Unfortunately our nearest Craft Central closed the other week but the lovely people there let me have one of the wire paper towers for free as they weren't using them any more - they'd started using the plastic ones. Good eh!? Mind you I'd spent about £40 a couple of week before on 10 of the plastic stackable 12x12 trays - so I've had to order some more paper as a couple of them are empty now so I just HAVE to refill them :)


Cass said...

Wow that looks fabby.I'd love one of those but haven't got the space for it.

Cass xxx

Janet said...

Oh Wow! lucky you it's fab!X

Happy Crafter said...

Wow how lucky are you that is a fab storage solution for you :)
Val xxx