Monday, 24 November 2008

Thank you Denise!!

Yay!!! I've got an award courtesy of Denise over at Crafty Crafter Denise - Thanks so much Denise, it really means a lot receiving an award, especially from a fellow crafter.

Now for my part - I have to nominate 5 more bloggers who I think have creative blogs - this is going to be difficult as I love so many of them!!

1. Debs

2. Ruth

3. Cathy

4. Nikki

5. Katy

They all have fab blogs, you should go and visit (if you haven't already! :))


katy said...

Hi Vikki, thank you so much for this award, thats so kind of you :) xx

Cathy said...

W thanks Vikki. I am really chuffed and will have a think about who gets this gorgeous award.
Cathy x

carol said...

oh i left you a little something over on my blog, your cards are brill, really lovely, x carol

shell said...

hi vikki have left you a something on my blog.
shell x