Sunday, 28 June 2009

New printer

Got a fabby present off my OH today - he treated himself to a new laptop (the main pc has gone t*ts up and will probably need a new hard drive) and while he was at Currys he bought me a new printer/scanner/copier and I've just decided I LOVE it. Printed out great on paper then I tried the test of all test for a card maker - does it print on card??? Well, yep, it does (and borderless too) and if you want to know what my new baby is it's the Canon Pixma MP540.

The card I printed onto is probably around 200gsm, it went through no problem, I might be brave at some point in the near future and try a heavier weight card - don't want to push my luck too far yet but he did get the Whatever Happens insurance on it so if I do wreck it then at least it's covered for the next 3 years no matter how it gets broken - he knows me too well I think!!!!!

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